About Mead Broadford Teaching School


At Mead Primary we have a clear vision for what we want to achieve in the next three years. Our overall aim is to improve the school so that we are seen as the best school on the hill.

Vision for our teachers and pupils

We will endeavour to inspire, create and arouse a passion for learning. Our staff will all model themselves as lifelong learners, hungry to acquire new knowledge, skills and understanding. We aspire to deliver our lessons using exciting and innovative techniques, so that our pupils are absorbed and motivated by our teaching. We regularly use outdoor learning experiences to deliver the curriculum. Through the use of high quality, positive feedback and marking, we will enable all pupils to realise their individual potential. Our teaching will clearly outline the next steps necessary to achieve success.

At Mead Primary we will aim to develop to nurture pupils who will have the skills required to be effective lifelong learners. Our pupils will be characterised as demonstrating:


  • Mead pupils will demonstrate support for each other with their learning
  • Mead pupils will reflect on and evaluate their achievements
  • Mead pupils will be empowered to identify their next steps in their learning


  • Mead pupils will be absorbed by their learning and lessons
  • Mead pupils will be confident at working independently
  • Mead pupils will be determined to achieve their challenging goals


  • Mead pupils will be respectful of each other and their different learning styles
  • Mead pupils will communicate confidently and effectively with their peers and the adults around them
  • Mead pupils will work well collaboratively


  • Mead pupils will be able to think creatively and make links that enable them to solve challenges
  • Mead pupils will be able to suggest different methods for solving a problem
  • Mead pupils will ask insightful questions that help them find out what they need to know
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